Big Bass Coming In On Lake Okeechobee

Posted by: tom at 9:33 am on December 13th, 2013

20131201_131028.jpgOkay, fishing is finally getting good on Lake Okeechobee. Here’s what has gone on this summer, it started raining in June and did not stop until August. It raised the lake level 2 feet. The good thing that happened is the high water killed a lot of grass and opened up a lot of water. The result is going to make a great winter on the lake. Some big fish are already in the grass flats and I think the December moon will bring the first big females into spawn. Lately I have been catching most of the fish on Senkos and Yamamoto Dshads. The shiner bite has been very good with many big fish. Make your reservations now. I am booking up fast. Come fish the best big bass lake in the country…Lake Okeechobee.