May Is Top-Water Month on Lake Okeechobee!

Posted by: tom at 4:31 pm on May 3rd, 2013

20130430_072406_225x375.jpgWalking baits, poppers and topwater frogs...If you like to fish topwater May is the month for you. The spawn is finally over and the big fish on Lake Okeechobee are on the outside grass lines heading to the offshore structure. This is one of my favorite times on Lake Okeechobee. The fish right now are schooling in the morning, you can catch fish on swimjigs, soft jerkbaits like the Dshad in white or topwater baits. This goes away in about an hour and a half. Then you can go down the main lake reed line and pitch a craw like a Yamamoto psyco dad from Yamamoto in green pumpkin and catch fish all day. If you can get a day where it is overcast, the topwater swim frogs work really good over the Kissimmee grass and peppergrass if you can find it. Come fish the best big bass lake in the country... Lake Okeechobee.