Lake Okeechobee Big Bass Are In!

Posted by: tom at 10:52 am on March 13th, 2013

20130312_103634_225x375.jpgThe females are finally coming in to spawn despite the cold weather we've had lately. Without a doubt a watermelonred Senko is the best thing to throw at these big fish, with its slow fall going down in the bed these fish cannot resist it. When you get back in the grass flats just look for the holes in the grass and toss your Senko in there and hold on. Another great way to find these big fish on Lake Okeechobee is to fan cast a Swimming Senko and just bring it over the beds...this can be deadly. Also Gary Yamamoto has come up with a great way to keep you swiming worms and senkos from hanging up in the grass, its call a Grub Guard and it fits right on the front of your soft plastics and acts as a nose cone. Your bait slides threw a grass with ease. Its also made of soft plastic so the fish don't feel anything and also comes in many colors... this thing works great. Now to the shinner bite, as always it is working great. My clients have caught a lot of big fish this week, Come fish with me on Lake Okeechobee, the best bass lake in the world.